BHS directly deals with luggage management through conveyor, vertical, horizontal and tray systems. BHS software has communication interfaces to other IT systems enabling Luggage to be carried through all levels of control required at airports and transfer of collected statistical information. BHS system is installed on PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) or on industrial controllers with real-time operating system (RTOS) installed.

Baggage handling system (BHS) is the software that manages the conveyor system installed at airports that transport luggage from check-in desks to loading desks into aircraft luggage hatches or onto transport carts. The passenger luggage which are transferring (transfer luggage) is transported through that system in order to load onto another aircraft. BHS also carries checked baggage from aircraft arrived at carousels, from which travelers can pick up their luggage. Although the primary function of BHS is to transport luggage, BHS also serves the function of ensuring that the baggage will goes to the right location at the airport. Sorting in the BHS system is the process of identifying connections and informations with it to decide where your baggage should be handed through the conveyor and sorting system.

In addition to sorting, BHS also performs other functions:

  • Detection of baggage jams,
  • baggage size and weight control to avoid baggage jamming inside the conveyor system (volume regulation),
  • Load balancing of conveyor subsystems,
  • Counting of transported luggage,
  • Tracking the position of luggage inside the conveyor system,
  • Redirecting luggage through pusher or diverter,
  • Reading tags placed on baggage by airlines

During baggage movement inside the conveyor system, BHS exchanges and collects baggage information from systems the work of BHS:

  • scales at luggage check-in desks,
  • radiometric gates that control the level of radiation inside the luggage,
  • height control gates,
  • ATR (Automatic Tag Reader) devices reading luggage numbers of IATA codes,
  • EDS (Explosive Detection System),
  • SAC (Sort Allocation Computer) system,
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition).

From the moment the luggage is placed on the conveyor at the check-in counter until the luggage is directed to the loading place, the BHS system has full control over the luggage.

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