In addition to associating luggage with travelers and storing this information inside the database, the system also provides information of loading and unloading luggage from scheduled aircraft.
The process of obtaining information takes place in real time. Through appropriate interfaces to other IT systems installed at the airport, it is possible to collect information inside one BRS system and build a database containing all information obtained from other IT systems. The data is necessary to find baggage inside the airport, check baggage status and confirm that it has been loaded on the appropriate aircraft. The system is installed on professional servers equipped with disk arrays (RAID).

The BRS system is designed as an interactive database that collects luggage information both automatically and with the option of manually entering appropriate data. All acquired information is logged on the server and is provided with a date, time, and appropriate message. The system is responsible for properly managing luggage in accordance with the instructions taken from DCS and guidelines from external security systems.

Depending on the capabilities of other IT systems, the BRS system can provide the following information for individual baggage:

  • Luggage (traveler) owner details,
  • Information about flight to which baggage is intended,
  • Weight and size of luggage,
  • Assigned IATA tag or code, active BSM (Baggage Source Message) number,
  • Assignments to which transport trolley baggage needs to arrive before loading onto the plane,
  • Time of baggage registration and passage through the points required in resolution IATA-753,
  • Baggage position inside the BHS system together with status information at all levels of security control, radiation measurement and customs control,
  • Last known location of a luggage at the airport,
  • Confirmation of baggage loading or unloading from the aircraft,
  • Possibility of entering comments by the flight service.

BRS is also used for collective operations:

  • Total weight of luggage intended for loading on one aircraft,
  • Loading status with confirmation of loading all luggage intended for one flight,
  • Preparing a report of luggage not recognized by ATR devices together with their current location,
  • Printing reports with a list of luggage: for loading, loaded, unloaded.
  • Missing on the plane, lost during the day, with duplicate BSM numbers, etc.
  • Displaying information about the need to unload luggage from the aircraft,
  • Displaying information when baggage is not loaded in time.

When collecting information about luggage, the BRS system can work with such systems as:

  • ATR (Automatic Tag Reader),
  • BTP (Baggage Tag Printer),
  • BHS (Baggage Handling System),
  • DCS (Departure Control System),
  • SAC (Sort Allocation Computer),
  • AODB (Airport Operational Data Base),
  • Portable barcode readers,
  • EBS (Early Baggage Storage),

In case of failure of the connection with other IT systems, BRS has the function of working offline and updating the collected information after restoring the connection with other IT systems.

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