The user-friendly graphical interface assigns (allocates) airport equipment components to specific passenger flights or tasks that the equipment have to perform within the airport system.
It is possible to ergonomically plan the use of existing check-in desks, EBS warehouse and dumps. Resource allocation planning is done through a graphical user-friendly interface, which presents all the important information for the SAC system operator.

The SAC system receives information about baggage from SITA (e.g. London) or local (e.g. Airport) database, and about flight schedule (FIMS) at the airport. Automatically directs luggage to the appropriate dump based on allocations specified by the flight planning module. It is possible to allocate resources one year in advance. The system ensures synchronization with
the on-line flight schedule.

The SAC software controls the entire baggage inspection process and provides, among other things:

  • Possibility to enter data about criteria for multi-level baggage sorting,
  • Sorting dependence of the failure of BHS equipment and the availability of individual elements of the airport equipment,
  • Possibility of superior control over diverters, sorters and dumps controled by BHS,
  • Ability to define basic and spare luggage transport routes (Routing),
  • Real-time reporting of check-in positions and dumps availability,
  • The ability to read boarding passes and the luggage matching procedure,
  • Fall back tag management,
  • Archiving and reporting of collected data.

Examples of managed items are:

  • Passenger check-in desks,
  • Luggage sorting points,
  • Baggage loading points for aircraft or transport carts – automatic sort dumps,
  • previously checked baggage storage (EBS).

During operation, SAC exchanges data with systems such as:

  • FIMS (Flight Information Management System) also called FIS (Flight Information System),
  • BHS (Baggage Handling System),
  • DCV (Directional Control Valve) or other automatic sorting systems,
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) dedicated to managing automatic sorting systems,
  • FIDS (Flight Information Display System) also called IDS (Information Display System),
  • BRS (Baggage Reconciliation System).
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