OPC-UA Server is equipped with data archiving module. Depending from requirements, the data can be stored in various formats and localizations.


  • PLC RAM memory
  • File on SD card
  • SQL server database

PLC RAM memory

File on SD card

SQL server database


The use of Pentaho data integration tool allows full use of the collected production information:


  • Graphic drag-and-drop design tool supporting the data acquisition process (ETL).
  • Vast library of data access components and their transformation from the full spectrum of sources.
  • Data integration that does not require Programming.
  • Administration and management tools.


The JasperReports report generation engine provides presentation of the acquired data in many different formats including: HTML, PDF, Excel, OpenOffice, Word. The possibilities offered by JASPER includes:


  • Embedding graphic elements in reports – charts and diagrams.
  • Embedding tables, summaries etc. in reports.
  • Practically full control over the position and size of the elements.
  • Seamless integration with Java application using a programming API.


Reports are created and tested using the iReport editor. It is a graphical tool that allows you to create, edit in WYSIWG mode and test reports that are running in the JasperReports enviroment. The graphic tool also allows people without technical training to create and modify reports.

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